Probationary license

Many drivers currently suspended or about to become suspended may qualify for a restrictive license that allows them to drive on a limited basis. Below is a description of two such licenses. If you think you may qualify for either one, contact Mr. List to get back on the road.


A Probationary License (PL) is a Class C (Non-Commercial) driver's license issued to an individual whose Pennsylvania driving privilege has been suspended or revoked for five or more years. A PL authorizes driving a non-commercial vehicle between 6:00 a.m. and 7:00 p.m. The Department will consider additional hours upon request. Under no circumstances will a PL be given to drive a commercial vehicle, motorcycle or moped. To qualify for a Probationary License you must have completed a portion of your suspension time period, based on your driving record. The minimum period from three to six (3-6) years is determined by the number of violations that caused the current suspension/revocation of your driving privilege. In addition, any outstanding citations, judgments, examinations or hearings must be satisfied. All restoration requirements must be completed. If you are not licensed to drive in this or any other state, you must apply for a class C Probationary learner’s permit. Thirty days after the issuance of the learner’s permit you will be eligible to test for a driver’s license. Upon successfully passing all exams, the Department will issue a PL. All restoration requirements must be completed. If you have been convicted of Driving Under the Influence (DUI), granted ARD for DUI, aggravated assault by vehicle with DUI, driving under suspension with DUI, suspended for refusal to submit to chemical testing, or offense for death or personal injury without a license within the preceding seven (7) years, you are not eligible for a PL until seven (7) years have passed. If you have ever been convicted of Homicide by Vehicle or Homicide by Vehicle while DUI, you are permanently prohibited from obtaining a PL.


An Occupational Limited License (OLL) is a driver’s license issued to a driver whose Pennsylvania driving privilege has been, or will be, suspended. An OLL authorizes driving a designated motor vehicle, under certain conditions, when it is necessary for the driver’s occupation, work, trade, medical treatment or study. Based on your driving record and violations, the PA Department of Transportation will evaluate whether or not you are eligible for an OLL.

If you are currently, or about to be suspended for any of these violations, you are not eligible for an OLL

If you are currently, or about to be suspended for any of these violations, you are not eligible for an OLL
3345 - Passing a school bus
1533 or 6146 - Failure to respond to a citation
3367- Racing on highways
1543 - Driving while suspended (possible exceptions)
3732 - Homicide by Vehicle
1547 - Refusal to submit to chemical testing (possible exceptions)
3733 - Fleeing a Police Officer
1786 - Failure to maintain financial responsibility
3734 - Driving without lights
ARD ordered suspension for DUI
3735 - Homicide by Vehicle/DUI
Controlled Substance, Drug, Device and Cosmetic Act Violations
3736 - Reckless Driving
Underage alcohol violations (possible exceptions)
3742 - Accidents involving death or injury
Any serious traffic offense
3743 - Leaving scene of an accident
Any violations relating to accidents and accident reports
3802 - Driving under the influence (possible exceptions)
NOTE: You may be issued only one (1) OLL every five (5) years


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